Kicking off 2017: One word, one song, one resolution

David O'Hagan
3 min readJan 4, 2017


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A while back I made the wonderful discovery that simplicity breeds success. In the spirit of keeping things simple I’ve boiled down my upcoming year into one word, one song, and one resolution.

One word

It’s definitely not easy to boil my focus for the whole of 2017 down to a single word. But I did love the activity of consolidating all of my thinking, planning, and ideas down into just one single word.

My word for 2017: Partner

Even amongst the strongest and the most resilient of us, we’re all human in the end, and we sometimes need the support, the direction, and the cheerleading efforts of others in our lives. Sometimes we need it, but oftentimes it’s just nice to have and makes us feel good; but it all comes together to make our lives more fulfilling and more meaningful.

It’s my focus this year to actively partner with those close to me, as well as with clients, and most importantly with strangers — giving of my time and energy and heart.

One song

My song for 2017: Brother, by NEEDTOBREATHE

I loved this song from the first time I first heard it. As I learned the lyrics it became even more impactful to me.

The story behind the song is about the two brothers in the band that struggled with their relationship, but in the end learned the lesson that their relationship was most important.

The word ‘brother’ denotes a genuine love.

The word ‘fortress’ is powerful and strong, particularly during storms.

Light is mentioned more than once. Shining a light into someone’s darkness can be a life changing event — for that other person, as well as yourself.

There are a number of great lines in the song, but the one that stands out and most aligns to my focus for the year is: “Everybody needs someone beside em’ shining like a lighthouse from the sea”

One resolution

Boiling my year down to a single word took some time and thinking. Listening to the song Brother is easy and pleasurable. The thing that will really put me to the test this year is keeping my one resolution.

My resolution for 2017: Ask myself this question before every action I take: Am I doing this out of love?

I’m fairly certain there are going to be a number of ‘no’ responses to this question, particularly at the start of the year when I begin to realise that there are times where I think more about myself than others.

At times when I do utter a quiet ‘no’ under my breath, rather than figure out a way to change my behavior in every situation, I will trust that things will gradually work themselves out for the better — and I will get the appropriate nudges along the way.

I believe we are all capable of incredible love and support for others. I am keen to see how the year plays out for all of us. Then look back in a year’s time smiling at how we’ve become a better partner, a better brother, and a more selfless person.

Partner with me.



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