Kicking off 2022: A word, a song, and a vision

David O'Hagan
4 min readJan 15, 2022


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As we roll into 2022 (and me into a bright and shiny new decade), I have more optimism and hope than ever, despite the varieties of chaos going on in the world.

2021 for me was a year of geographic transition, as well as career evolution — with a greater focus than ever on purpose, and all the delicious benefits that come from actively living out one’s own purpose: confidence, motivation, clarity, joy, and numerous others.

2022 will continue along this trajectory — furthering the work with educators, youth, innovators, and inspired/inspiring people. (Looking at you Bárbara Báia ;) )

So let’s go, 2022. Lots of 2s, and lots of ideas and opportunities to be better 2gether. (No one said cheesiness wouldn’t make an appearance in 2022!)

A word

My word for 2022: How

A simple, oft-used word in daily life, but one pregnant with opportunity and promise.

  • How might we…?: The powerful question of the design thinking method, that frames the ideation activities, and allows us to be exploratory, remain open, and do so collaboratively (Let us release our biases this year and move forward in the world with a mind open to new possibilities and opportunities, some unconventional)
  • How can I serve you?: Far different than things like “What can I get you?” from a waiter in a restaurant; This is an authentic question we can regularly ask others around us — even when there isn’t an obvious need (I highly recommend putting others first, routinely; Sure, it’s not really that natural, but it’s definitely powerful, and far more fulfilling)
  • How wonderful!: I picture a smiling elderly woman, who is wise yet full of vigor, genuinely exclaiming this as she watches kids build a creatively balanced LEGO tower together (There is much to marvel at in the world, if we would only stop long enough to allow ourselves to express it)
  • The how, to the Golden Circle’s why: The why often overshadows the how, but the how is where all the action is, where the why actually gets lived out (I loved the Golden Circle from the moment I set eyes on it—with the ability to summarize a person’s life purpose in a single statement—but the the how took on a whole lot more meaning for me in 2021, through helping others clearly define how they will live out their why, and it was awesome)

A song

My song for 2022: Highlands (Song of Ascent), by Hillsong UNITED

I’ve loved the music of Hillsong for years, but this song is one of my favorites, albeit somewhat lesser known. It has played more than any other in the past year as my doze-off-to-sleep go-to song. (And Ben Hastings’s voice here is fabulous.)

The song is like a blissfully warm cup of coffee (or tea, or a hot toddy), when you’re resting comfortably on a cozy plush sofa, with your hands firmly clasped around the mug, smiling contently, as you peacefully take in the wonder of the world in front of you, and all around you.

The song too acknowledges that life isn’t all wonderful highs, but that in the valley times of our lives, we can still remain fully at peace, and tap into the grace that is always present, and always available to us.

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A vision

My vision for 2022: Ignite fires of enthusiastic purpose in 10,000 people

We’re nothing if we’re not ambitious, right?

My purpose remains the same (To kick-start the fire inside every person, so that they joyfully pursue their greatest potential), and continues to pull me out of bed in the morning, motivating me to seek new ways to positively impact others in the world.

And I’m a big believer in visions. Big lofty inspiring ones, as well as quick simple ones to get focused and get it done.

Visions really allow us to vividly see ourselves in a successful future state, and then work backwards to the present, clearly defining the best pathway.

And visions are great because they certainly should push us out of our comfort zone, to seek new ways to engage, collaborate, and achieve.

My 2022 vision connects directly back to my purpose of kickstarting fires inside people, and forces me to really scale the way I do that. 10k is a big number. And perhaps not coincidentally, the same number in the 10x rule.

Let’s go 2022!
And in the spirit of 2gether, if you’re interested in engaging or collaborating with me, I’m here and ready to talk. It’s definitely never been a better time!

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